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Australia has a bit of a history when it comes to pioneering cyborg technology. The country was home to the first functioning bionic ear implant in 1978 and now, in 2012, comes a new version of a bionic eye, with Bionic Vision Australia (BVA) researchers announcing the success of their first retinal implant trial.
Dianne Ashworth, a profoundly blind woman, had the prototype implant switched on last month.
"All of a sudden I could see a flash. It was amazing," she said.
After years of darkness caused by retinitis pigmentosa (RP), shapes and lights began appearing as electrical impulses from the chip shot along Ms Ashworth's long-disused optic nerves to the vision centers of her brain. What's marvelous is that - unaware of the immense hack taking place - the brain obediently processes the signals, regardless of the fact there's been no sight in the traditional sense. In a world first, surgeons implanted the prototype implant behind Ashworth's retina, and installed a small wire from her eye to a connector behind her ear.
Researchers can now test the implant with a view to dteveloping a vision processor and external camera.
"These results have fulfilled our best expectations, giving us confidence that with further development we can achieve useful vision," said Professor Emeritus David Penington AC, Chairman of Bionic Vision Australia. "Much still needs to be done in using the current implant to 'build' images for Ms Ashworth. The next big step will be when we commence implants of the full devices."

eye drops
solución oftálmica, colirio
colirio, gotas
Ojo Morado
black eye
de ojos saltones
ojo morado
eye opening
llamativo, vistoso

See eye to eye with somebody
To keep an eye on something
To have eyes in the back of your head
His eyes are bigger than his stomach
I can't believe my eyes
To turn a blind eye (to sth)

estar de acuerdo
estar pendiente, vigilar
tener ojos en la nuca, enterarse de todo
comer con los ojos (?), querer más que
uno se puede permitir (fig.)
si no lo veo, no lo creo
hacer la vista gorda (frente a o ante algo)

"Dianne Ashworth, a profoundly blind woman, had the prototype implant switched on
last month"

La construcción "to have something done" se usa cuando otra persona te presta
un servicio, por el cual normalmente recibe una remuneración.
Observa el uso de la construcción en varios tiempos verbales
(¡ojo con la forma del verbo "to have" y el uso de Past Participle!):
- We've just had the house painted.
- Your house is very beautiful! Thanks, I had it decorated by a professional last year.
- She always looks great. She has her hair done at least twice a week.
- I think we'll have the lights installed next week.
- For the party, I'd like to have all the beverages delivered and put in the fridge.

La construcción "to have sth done" se puede usar también en el caso de algún contratiempo o desgracia:
- Jenny had her car stolen.

Remember that the Spanish word “vista” could be translated into English in
TWO different ways:
1. Sight – i.e. perder la vista“lose one’s sight”
2. View – i.e. con vista al mar“with a sea view”

Remember that when somebody says “I see!” it doesn’t mean he can see you. Instead,
it means he understands you.

Have you ever had trouble telling the difference between the verbs “look”, “see” and
“watch”? Let’s have a closer look at them!

Receiving the image with your eyes, doesn’t involve intention:
Have you seen that?!
Could you please turn the light on? I can’t see anything!

Look at
Directing your eyes so that you can see, involves intention:
Look over there - there's a rainbow!
They looked at each other and laughed.

Looking at something intensely, usually because it’s moving:
We spent the entire afternoon watching old movies – it was great fun.
I watched the bus go through the traffic lights.
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